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Data provides you with the insight to analyze your past, optimize your present, and make strategic decisions for the future. The key question is: In a world of big data and information on demand, how do you accelerate time to insight and action? Amia Infotech can help by delivering powerful data solutions that make it easier and faster to gather and prepare data and get it to the people who need it.

Your value

The benefits of Big Data are not limited to business intelligence (BI) experts or data scientists. Nearly everyone in your organization can analyze and make more informed decisions with the right tools. Amia Infotech can help you with your business analytics and big data aspirations by delivering powerful data solutions to make gathering and preparing data easier and faster. This means you can quickly get insights from data to take action and operationalize your data use for making decisions. We do this by working with your people and our technology to make analytics accessible to everyone, protecting privacy, and maintaining the security of your data.

Our approach

Amia Infotech consultants can help your business move quickly to realize value in business analytics and big data. We offer numerous solutions and engagements to help your business take advantage of new opportunities in business analytics, including:

  • Big data strategy workshops
  • Digital marketing and customer experience management
  • Data warehousing with structured and unstructured data
  • Social and public sentiment analysis
  • Data visualization, managed self-service, and mobile business intelligence (BI)
  • Real-time analytics and complex event processing
  • Industry-focused solutions in such sectors as banking, the public sector, retail, healthcare, and many others
  • Custom solution development and specialized engagements
Manage data of any type or size

To gain the full value of your data, you need a modern platform that manages data of any type, whether structured or unstructured, and of any size—from gigabytes to petabytes and beyond. Your solution should also manage data that is at rest or in motion. Amia Infotech can help with simplicity, ease of management, and an open source service through Microsoft HD Insight that runs on-premises or in the cloud. Combine your relational and non-relational data with the new PolyBase available in SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse.

Big Data

Big data. More tech buzz or a tool to push your company forward? The combination of social networking as a way of life, and the ever-growing number of devices on which people stay connected, continues to generate untapped sources of data that could help businesses compete more effectively. But the unprecedented volume, velocity, and variety of the data available make it more challenging to properly analyze and mine it for potential business value. As companies begin to deeply explore what big data can do for them, it’s important that the chosen solution is able to address both business intelligence and big data. We think of this approach as business analytics.

Making sense of big data

Enterprises like yours can generate, capture, and buy large amounts of information from multiple sources and use it to gain business insight, support business processes, and generate profit. This new capability, commonly referred to as "big data," can help with tactical and strategic business issues.

Data dilemma - data revolution

A unique combination of technological innovation, social media, ubiquitous connectivity, and digital globalization, among other factors, is fuelling this exponential growth in the volume, variety, and availability of data. At the same time, increasingly powerful computing technologies can now take massive amounts of these data, commingle them, and use advanced machine-learning and analytics to gain new insights and knowledge. And we are only at the start of this data revolution.

Amia Infotech offers assessments and workshops to help you boost the performance of your current analytics systems and infrastructure. We can also help you consider new technologies that you could implement to turn information into insight in a way that helps drive the results you need.