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To help you realize the full value of your current and future technology investments and to make sure those investments track directly to your business goals, Amia Infotech provides professional planning and strategy services that focus on just that driving business results through the use of technology. The Enterprise Strategy Services is a programmatic approach that includes orchestration, strategy and planning, architecture, and IT and business enablement services.

Through our Enterprise Strategy Consulting offerings, we help you:

  • Innovate by helping you identify opportunities to use technology as a means to drive your targeted goals, such as reducing infrastructure cost or improving productivity
  • Accelerate results by reducing time-to-value when you invest in a solution
  • Maximize the return on your technology investments in Microsoft Technology products and services
Our approach

Our engagements offer tools and business practices that help drive immediate and ongoing return on investment in these areas:

  • Orchestration - We help provide a comprehensive approach to planning, delivery, resources, and results tracking that aligns operational aspects of your business with your executive-level business plans.
  • Strategy and planning - We help create a strategic roadmap for your Microsoft platform investment that merges business and IT imperatives to help guide decisions on where your investments can offer “quick wins” and where to place your “big bets” for the future.
  • Architecture - We help you develop a sustainable architectural program that aligns your IT roadmap to Microsoft’s. This will help you advance the business, information, integration, and solution components of your architectures as new technologies emerge.
  • Business practices - We help you establish the right business and IT practices to "work the plan," now that you’ve "planned the work." This includes change management, governance optimizations, benefits management, and staff training.
Microsoft Technology Portfolio
Business Productivity

How do your teams communicate, and what is it costing you? If your millennial rely on social and texting, your gen-Xers are e-mailing, and your baby boomers like face to face, how do you get them on the same proverbial page and keep your data secure and your costs down? Amia Infotech can help you evaluate your business and pick the right solutions that will reduce complexity and cost in how your people and your IT systems work. The time your people will save using Microsoft tools such as Yammer, Office 365, Lync, and SharePoint provides significant value to your business and is compounded by lower IT deployment and maintenance costs.

Modern Applications

Your organization has a tremendous opportunity to make information more easily accessible to customers, employees, or others you choose, along with the ability to provide that data on any device, at any time, through modern applications connected to cloud services. Amia Infotech can help you develop modern applications and modernize legacy applications to capitalize on IT paradigms, including cloud, social, mobility, and big data.

Dynamics CRM and CRM Online

To attract new customers and retain the ones you have, you need ways to boost sales and customer satisfaction. Amia Infotech can help you automate the business processes that deliver world-class customer care experiences and improve your sales and marketing impact. You can build business capabilities such as loyalty management, customer care, and social media integration through systems that are easy to use and provide business insights that can give you a competitive edge.

Get insights from data to make decisions and take action. Make analytics accessible and usable to those who need it, while protecting privacy and maintaining the security of your data.

Business Analytics

Data provides you with the insight to analyze your past, optimize your present, and make strategic decisions for the future. The key question is: In a world of big data and information on demand, how do you accelerate time to insight and action? Amia Infotech can help by delivering powerful data solutions that make it easier and faster to gather and prepare data and get it to the people who need it.

Security and Identity

Protecting your business and IT assets is more critical than ever. Cloud computing, mobility, social networking, and growing volumes of information are driving constant change in the IT landscape and the way we all do business. Amia Infotech can help you protect your business against increasingly sophisticated threats.

Manage the infrastructure and systems that store and manage your data and keep your business-critical systems in optimal health.

Data Center Services

Your business is moving faster than ever, putting more pressure on your data center and its critical capabilities. The agility and reliability of your current solutions and your ability to implement advanced capabilities like self-service, chargeback transactions, and resource sharing depend upon the underlying IT infrastructure and management systems supporting them.

Support Services

Gain the most benefit from your IT infrastructure by pairing your business with Amia Infotech’s Support Services. We help you evaluate your IT health and provide the training or tools your teams need to “get healthy and stay healthy.” By connecting you with the right subject matter engineers who can solve your issues right away, and a technical account manager whose job it is to understand your business challenges, you receive unparalleled expertise, accelerated support, and strategic advice tailored to your unique IT environment.