Sales & Marketing

SharePoint helps you deliver more engaging and effective customer experiences.

Make your customers and partners happy

People want to find what they need right away without digging around or being distracted by irrelevant content. SharePoint can help you make your customers and partners happy by giving them what they really want—relevant information, recommendations, and insights into their data. With SharePoint, you can build either simple and dedicated portals or public-facing websites so that your customers and partners get what they need.

Engage your audience online

People expect the same experience no matter how they access your site. To make sure they get it, SharePoint makes it possible for you to deliver a consistent, unified digital experience on laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Not only are your SharePoint sites accessible from any device, but they also deliver targeted, highly relevant content and personalized recommendations to your audience around the globe. Building a global brand is now easier than ever, and SharePoint also helps you stay in compliance with copyright and other legal requirements by ensuring consistency across all of your sites.

Align your teams

Deals are won and lost depending on how closely marketing and sales teams are aligned. That’s how important communication is and that’s why SharePoint gives people a better way to stay in sync. SharePoint is the place where sales representatives can access the most up-to-date marketing information, even when on the road, so that messaging is consistent. It’s also where sales and marketing teams can have conversations, share ideas, and refine content together. Best of all, they can share best practices and knowledge on customers, competitors, or sales processes so they can act on new opportunities and close deals more quickly.