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Gain the most benefit from your IT infrastructure by pairing your business with Amia Infotech Support Services. Our dedicated support teams provide continuous hands-on assistance and immediate escalation for urgent issues, which speeds resolution and helps you keep your mission-critical systems up and running. We help you evaluate your IT health and provide the training or tools your teams need to “get healthy and stay healthy.” By connecting you with the right subject matter engineers who can solve your issues right away, and a technical account manager whose job it is to understand your business challenges, you receive unparalleled expertise, accelerated support, and strategic advice tailored to your unique IT environment.

With support from Amia Infotech, you receive:

  • Accelerated response times—you to speak to the correct subject matter experts right when you need them
  • Direct assistance with planning, rollouts, and rigorous health checks and remediation services
  • Operations assessments to help streamline processes, including security measures and resource allocation
  • Hands-on training and knowledge transfer to help increase IT staff expertise and improve alignment between business goals and IT investments
Our approach

As your business evolves, so do your systems, infrastructure, and the skills of your people. Amia Infotech Support Services provide a wide range of services, including IT staff training, health and risk assessments, and best practices. Our approach helps you identify and address potential issues and risks up-front to make sure that your IT systems are healthy and stay that way with Proactive Services.

In addition to the core services delivered as part of Support Services, Amia Infotech also offers several program extensions that can address specialized or complex support needs:

Mission Critical Support

Your business success is directly tied to the strength and stability of your mission-critical systems; outages can be costly in terms of dollars, customer impact, and reputation. With Mission Critical Support, you receive the highest level of service and support Amia Infotech can offer to help drive higher performance and uptime of your critical solutions built on Microsoft technologies.

Mid-Market Customers

Our mid-market customers receive the same enterprise-class support but scaled to size. With Support for Mid-Market Customers, you receive proactive services to maximize the availability, efficiency, and health of your IT infrastructure, reducing risks and improving IT staff productivity through advanced technical training. To be sure that support resources align with your unique IT needs, you also get a detailed service delivery plan, as well as 24/7 problem-resolution services, including fast, reactive onsite support.

Support for Developers

With the help of Amia Infotech Support for Developers, you can accelerate and streamline your software development cycle. By working side by side with experts from Amia Infotech and engaging in training programs, workshops, and labs, we will help your people enhance their skills, develop with Microsoft coding standards and recommended practices in mind, and create more successful and effective applications.