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Accelerated time to market

Improving time to market for products and applications requires the ability to manage change and project risks better, and a continuous improvement approach to quality management. With Amia Infotech, companies can get access to technology expertise, process-driven approach, and meet increased resource needs at reasonable costs to accelerate the time to market.

Increased IT Agility and Alignment

Keep your IT ahead of your business needs using Cloud and Mobility services. The key factors that Cloud and Mobility services provide to help businesses become agile include: self-service, on-demand provisioning of services, pay-as-you-go pricing, faster deployment of IT services, and decreased time spent on IT operations and maintenance.

Shift from Maintenance to Innovation

Amia Infotech combines the best of consulting and technology services to not just streamline focus and deliver innovative solutions, but help bring the best out of your technology investments to realize real business outcomes.

Reduced Risk of Cloud Transformation

Amia Infotech helps define a clear and practical approach for migrating to Cloud by defining a clear transformation path, before we embark on the transformation journey, we conduct an end - to - end assessment of the existing scenario, taking into consideration the associated risks and challenges and aligning Cloud technologies with the organization’s business needs and existing capabilities.

Improved Customer Loyalty

To stay ahead of the competition, it is extremely important to deliver continual innovation with frequent incremental updates; on use of user friendly technology, personalized touch point, empowering customers through contextual content and self-service options. Amia Infotech gives companies the agility to continuously add features, foster innovation, make the technology flexible to business requirements and ultimately give the ability to roll-out user-based features and preferences.

Increased Market Reach

New generation of customers, new channels of interaction and the demand for unique service by each customer. These are some of the challenges of the new age business. Amia Infotech can transform the way services are bundled and consumed. Leveraging Mobility and Cloud computing enables companies to evolve a true service model by removing the barriers of location, device and platforms.