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Amia Infotech offers complete prepress solutions from raw manuscript to printed books and files for online publishing. We are equipped to deliver a whole gamut of value-added services that include project management, editorial services, image management and digital archiving besides typesetting and data conversion services.

We provide a full range of high-end publishing services for books & journals, HSS books & journals, Major reference works/encyclopaedias, College textbooks, School books (El-Hi), Trade books and Custom books.

eBook Conversion

eBooks has revolutionized the publishing industry. They have changed the way we read, purchase books, and manage them. The development of eBooks requires technical know-how as well as design and editorial expertise. eBooks need to be designed and developed with the format limitations and device specifications in mind. We provide a complete range of eBook-related services, be it eBook conversions, typesetting, eBook enhancements, customized eBook development or consulting. We have expertise in creating eBooks with XML workflows, content conversion and delivery mechanisms for various platforms and devices such as iPad/iPhone, Android tablets, Kindle and Windows Tablets.

Our ePublishing services include

Our eBook development services include,

  • Conversion of documents to eBook format (ePUB/ePUB3/PDF/Mobi)
  • Cover design using supplied artwork, stock images or a new illustration
  • Editing and optimization of images within the eBook
  • eBook layout design and formatting
  • Website design to promote your eBook titles
  • eBook testing, advice and support

Our iPad publishing service expands to,

  • Appropriate tagging and linking of Table of Contents (TOC), Notes, Reference citations, internal and external links etc.
  • Elimination of original page number, header/footers (to ensure that they should not appear in the middle of the page as per the clients specifications).
  • Proof reading of content, images and illustrations (to ensure they are appropriately resized and rendering).
  • Coding styling of entire book by chapter and content.
Fixed Layout and enhanced ePub Conversion Services

We provide Fixed Layout ePub conversion services which sets aside to create books with specific layout, closely similar to the actual page layout of the source, using CSS. Through our enhanced ePUB, eBooks conversion services will help you embed video and audio files. Designed flexible cover pages make possible to fit perfect to any size of eBook, table of contents and searchable text files. Organized with internal and external linking tools, our ePub conversions are not only interactive and media rich but also guarantee that your ePub formatted files effectively pass validation tests required for sale on Apple’s iTunes iBookstore.

During ePUB Conversion,

  • We apply quality control at each and every page and image.
  • Our files are consistently reliably as well as small
  • Our ePUB files are optimized for target applications with significant fonts as applicable and image interactivity
Digitization and data conversion

Digitization is the process of converting raw data/book into a digital format for XML, SGML, epubs and other electronic formats. Data conversion involves conversion of one form of digital data into another form. Data conversion is carried out mostly to meet the requirements of application interoperability or to leverage the capability of new features. We convert hard copy- book, journal, magazine or newspaper in electronic formats such as PDF, word, MS Excel, TIFF, JPEG, InDesign, Frame Maker etc. and then into XML, SGML, HTML & other digital formats. These formats are validated based on the Document Type Definition (DTD) specified by the client. We have the expertise and capability to undertake huge and complex data conversion projects involving multiple file formats.