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Get highly specialized engineering capabilities across all major mobile platforms and associated backend technologies, from ideation to analytics, with Amia Infotech’s Mobility Solutions.

Amia Infotech Advantage

  • Mobile technology expertise and architectural best practices
  • Strategic mobility consulting capability
  • User interface design capability
  • HTML5 Hybrid application development and automated mobile testing platform
Mobility Solutions, We Provide

Amia Infotech’s mobility services are comprehensive and cover every aspect of mobile application development both on the enterprise-side and consumer-facing side. These include the following:

Mobility Strategy Consulting - View Mobility from a New Perspective

Our Mobility Strategy consultants engage with you to get a clear understanding of your existing business processes and roadmap. They come equipped to help you make the key changes to leverage the power of mobile technology.

Our engagements on mobile technology strategy and architecture typically help you with the following challenges:

  • Process reinvention - Evaluate legacy processes and scenarios, in order to leverage mobility and achieve efficiency and cost-savings, through a Business Process Reengineering (BPR) analysis.
  • ROI and mobility roadmap - Assess specific products and solutions from various vendors and assist with their RFI to these vendors.
  • Mobile client architecture choice - Choose the right type of client application- native, hybrid or web application.
  • Backend integration - Share our experience in integrating mobile applications with a myriad set of backend systems.
  • Buy vs. build decisions - Guide on decision criteria for mobile solutions.
  • Integration of new concepts to stay ahead - Recommend the deployment of new and emerging ideas like gamification, social media, context aware location services and augmented reality.
Mobility User Experience - Design and Testing Labs

User experience is the key driver of mobile adoption and ultimately determines the application’s success. We focus on UI / UX design and testing - task tracking software to measure and improve usability of mobile applications

Mobile Application Development and Maintenance

Our strength in architecture and strategy leads to a methodology that is focused on choosing the right type of development approach for a particular engagement.

We follow two distinct approaches toward mobile application development:

Rich-client thin-client architecture approach for pure native, top-of-the-pyramid applications - This unique approach keeps the client code on the devices as small as possible to provide excellent user experience on the device, leveraging the unique native features of each platform and achieving easy portability between platforms.

HTML5 Native Hybrid architecture for broad-based applications - Mobile web technologies like HTML5 augmented by a hybrid approach to take full advantage of the device features allow a single code base across multiple platforms while providing a great user experience.

We provide multi-platform support,

  • iOS - iPhone and iPad
  • Android Phones and Tablets
  • Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8
  • HTML 5 native hybrid applications
  • Mobile web including HTML 5
Automated Mobile Application Testing and Performance Analysis

Mobile applications undergo constant changes due to upgrades in mobile operating systems and the launch of new devices with newer capabilities. Customers face a problem of testing the applications on multiple devices and form factors. To address this problem, we can automate application testing to make the testing process quick, efficient, reliable, repeatable and reusable.

Our comprehensive mobile application testing coverage includes the following:

  • Functional testing including UI testing for native, hybrid and web applications
  • Cross platform testing includes iOS, Android, Windows, and HTML5
  • Non-functional testing includes Performance, stability, security and compliance
  • Test automation and automation tools
  • Usability and compatibility testing
  • Localization testing
  • Field testing including drive testing for location based services
Mobile Application Security

Security is vital to a successful deployment of mobility solutions. End-to-end Mobile Security Consulting including, security assessment, developing a mobility security strategy and evolving enterprise mobile security policies. Mobile Device Security and Application Management Infrastructure including MDM / MAM product selection; application and device provisioning / de-provisioning policy; procedures for requesting and obtaining mobile devices, applications and services; and its appropriate use and product integration in consonance with the security policy

Integration with Mobile Advertisement Network

We can provide integration with popular mobile advertisements networks from Google and Apple, we can also provide the functionality of in-app purchasing in our mobile and tablet applications, which allow you to monetize along with the mobile advertisements.

Mobile Analytics

We provide mobile application analytics using in-device and middleware based capabilities to capture data. Analytics on application usage based on context (time of the day, location), device type and platform - Tracking the application usage around certain key events is required by many customers to determine the uptake of certain marketing promotions and news affecting the business.

Application access patterns to determine the frequently used functionalities and determine the user behaviour. Our Mobile application development platform with analytics built-in to track the following:

  • Application usage
  • Number of users connected at any time
  • User behaviour and access patterns
  • Location and device details
  • System alerts
Mobile Environment Solutions

Our Mobile Environment Solutions include mobile device management, mobile application management and mobile data management. We offer a complete lifecycle of mobility solutions that focus on the following:

  • Mobile device management solution
  • Device-agnostic applications development and maintenance services
  • Automated mobile application testing solutions
  • Usability design and consulting services
  • Data capture and analytics solutions
  • Deployment solutions
  • BYOD management services
  • Security consulting solutions