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Amia Infotech is a member of Microsoft Bizspark Program and Microsoft Partner Network. We engage with customers on Enterprise Strategy Consulting over Microsoft Technology portfolio, to provide one-stop solutions that ensure success and support their business strategies in fields such as enterprise application services, business intelligence, mobility, cloud computing. Creativity is a core tenant of our work, and such we offer a full digital service and can supply development to projects in need of quality programming.

Our leadership team brings a wealth of IT project delivery experience from top global R&D and Product companies - Microsoft, Medtronic, Boeing, Sony, Philips, Fujitsu, Eurotech and Honeywell. With a strong track record of developing advanced technologies, process innovations and business models for a wide range of Fortune 500 clients spanning many industries including the Financial Services, Technology, Telecommunications, Travel and Transportation, Energy, Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Retail & Distribution sectors.

Amia Infotech Business Consulting & Technology services bring together management and technology capabilities to align business strategy with operational reality.


The converging trends of data analytics, mobile apps, cloud, and bring your own device represent real opportunities for IT to deliver more efficiencies and new value.

  • Empowering employees to work across any device
  • Unlocking insights from any data – big and small
  • Creating new business apps and transforming existing ones with cloud capabilities
  • Reducing the cost and complexity of running data centers at scale

Consulting Services - We identify, build and carry through transformation projects that improve growth and sharpen client’s competitive edge.

Systems Integration Services - We design, develop and implement technology projects that cover complex systems integration, and IT application development

Local Professional Services - We deliver professional technology services to suit local needs for infrastructures, applications, testing and operations.

Outsourcing Services - We guide and support our clients, either wholly or partly, in their information systems design, development and maintenance across enterprise software applications, cloud services and mobility related activities.

We Got the Skills

Web, Mobile Web and Apps

We will always develop and design based on the most prevalent device the information will be viewed on. We do not see different devices as a complication but as an opportunity to explore and push our skillsets in environments of increased restrictions.


We strive for simplicity and immersion in every project we approach. Engaging users with digital experiences where attention spans are short requires an emotional connection and intuition between the user and the interface.


Amia Infotech follows a delivery methodology based on the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) in the execution of the projects. MSF complements other methodologies and practices and includes the Team, Process and Communication Models, and processes for Risk and Scope Management.

MSF organizes the solution approach into five distinct phases, depicted in the graphic below, during the project lifecycle.

Our Process

Vision/Scope Approved


Project Plans Approved


Scope Complete


Release Readiness Approved


Deployment Complete

Envision - Envision Phase will involve defining the scope of work necessary to bring the vision to reality.

Plan - During the Plan Phase, the project team prepares the functional specification, works through the design process, and prepares work plans, cost estimates, and schedules for the various deliverables.

Build - During the Build Phase, the team builds all aspects of the solution, including the code, training material, user manuals, deployment scripts, and so on. This phase typically ends when the team agrees that all aspects of the solution are complete. Although the solution may continue to evolve, that is done only to address break/ fix situations while the solution is stabilized and readied for deployment.

Stabilize - In the Stabilize Phase, testing is conducted on a solution whose features are "code complete" (developers are no longer adding new code). Testing during this phase emphasizes usage and operation under realistic environmental conditions. The team focuses on resolving and triaging (prioritizing) issues and bugs, and preparing the solution for release.

Deploy - The deployment-complete checkpoint is the final milestone of the Deploy Phase. By this time, the solution is in the production environment and should be providing the expected business value to the customer, and the team should have effectively concluded its project processes and activities.


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